Still dreaming of better weather. It can’t be grey and rainy all the time…right?



Back to the drawing board

Finally able to get some sketching done before heading off to bed. With all this grey weather we’ve been having I been dreaming about sunny days and music in the park.


Morning Sketch

What a busy day…but I still found time for this little one…I think I just may colour this one. What do you think? Worthy to be pursued into the colour stage?



Lunchtime Doodle Challenge

I’ve decided to start a new challenge and I would like to invite anyone and everyone to join in. I call it the lunch time doodle challenge. I’ve decided that dunring my lunch hour, I will fill a sketchbook page with doodles. I’m doing this in an effort to actually take my lunch hour and to get away from the computer screen. Now I only have 4 lunch hours a week (half day fridays), so I will only be posting 4 page a week. But the point of this is to take a break at work and do something else. If you would like to join in tag your doodle with #LDC or #lunchtimedoodle

I started yesterday so here are my first two pages.

Daily Digital 9

This is in keeping with yesterdays sketches as well as working out some new characters…possibly for a future project.


Daily Digital 8

How’s about a different style for today’s Daily digital. I really enjoy working with Kyle’s Tilterrific brush. It’s almost like using a real pencil.


Daily Digital will return after these messages…

Unfortunately I had a deadline to meet yesterday and was unable to post a daily digital. After a long day, sitting in front of the computer working I decided I needed a break. So I turned my chair around and rolled to the other side of the room and sat at my drawing table. I picked up my pencil, my pen and my markers and did some doodling. So in lieu, of a digital painting yesterday I did some doodling on paper and I thought I’d share that with y’all.

Stay tuned….I will be posting a daily digital a little later this evening. 🙂 For now enjoy these….

Rainy day sketches

It’s been dark and rainy here for most of the day so I thought I’d get some sketching done. You know practice stretch the creative brain… but now the sun is out and I think I’ll go for a walk. 🙂 I hope you enjoy my afternoon sketches!


Busy day…

Here are a couple other illustrations I did today while taking breaks from real work. And by real work I mean illustrations I’m being paid for. Still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the fact that I will be getting paid for what I love doing. Whodathunkit!

Morning sketching

Working on a new little character this morning.